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by Nathaniel Santa Cruz

“Mornings at Wondergarten are designed to bring your child through an engaging curriculum of songs, stories, artistic experiences, life skills, and creative free play.”

- Lisa Santa Cruz, Program Director

Early Childhood Program

In-home Waldorf-Inspired Kindergarten

Now, more than ever, we recognize the need for children to have a Good & Beautiful childhood — in a home that is safe and nurturing, filled with singing and dancing, art and storytelling, practical life skills, and hours of deep imaginative free play, especially in nature.

At Wondergarten, your child will be given the opportunity experience these simple joys of life and the freedom to be child in a Good & Beautiful home.

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“Children who live in an atmosphere of love and warmth, and who have around them truly good examples to imitate, are living in their proper element.”

Rudolf Steiner, The Education of the Child (1907)