Daily Activities

  • Celebrating the season with circle-time games and songs played live on the guitar, harp and piano, integrated with dance and movement.

  • Building a strong foundation for literacy and sequential thinking, as well as a rich vocabulary, through the tradition of oral story telling, accompanied by engaging visuals and puppetry.

  • Nourishing our bodies with warm snacks of whole grains, fruits, or vegetables.

  • Engaging in discovery-oriented artistic experiences, with a wide range of high quality art supplies.

  • Developing healthy imaginations, relationships, and problem-solving skills, through creative indoor free play.

  • Building resilient bodies, and a strong connection to the natural world, with time spent in nature during all weather and seasons.

  • Contributing to the transitions of activities to develop practical life skills.

  • Foster feelings of belonging, responsibility, and accomplishment by contributing to life-based activities, including: setting and clearing the table; washing hands; wiping the windows; washing dishes; sweeping the floor; cleaning up toys

  • Connecting children to the earth and developing a reverence for where our food comes from by participating in the growing and preparation of food, including: preparing garden beds; caring for the garden by weeding and raking; planting seeds in the garden; harvesting fruits and vegetables in the garden; cleaning & preparing food for snacks; mixing, kneading, and baking bread