Bringing Waldorf Education Home

We have created a curriculum that is an incredibly rich source of original art, music, stories, and lessons that will nurture your child's head, heart, and hands and fill their childhood with goodness and beauty. It will not only bring your child's imagination to life, but will bring rhythm to your household and offer a new way connect with your children, build strong relationships, and create lasting memories.

Creating something this good and beautiful has taken an incredible amount of work, time, testing, and funding! We are thrilled to launch pre-orders for our Autumn Curriculum soon (July 2024). You can be the first to know when it launches by signing up for our Newsletter!

  • Daily Lessons (3 days/week)

    Our daily rhythm is easy to digest and makes it an enjoyable way to connect with your child. Every week is centered around a specific theme, with supportive stories, music, crafts and recipes.

  • Recipes

    Easy to create, delicious recipes will be at your fingertips! Our instructions include child-sized portions and measurements.

  • Original Stories

    Follow along the characters in Wondergarten, throughout the seasons, with captivating, original stories. Our stories will provide opportunity for growth, while fostering a sense of imagination.

  • Original Songs & Music

    Expertly crafted songs are woven throughout the daily rhythm so that you can incorporate our songs and music for a fully immersive experience using our curriculum!

  • Community

    Join our vibrant and diverse community, where you'll be able to enjoy a space to interact with likeminded families and share in all of the wonder that awaits.

  • Supply Kits

    We're making things as simple as possible for you with the option to order monthly supply kits, delivered to your doorstep with everything you'll need. You can focus on less shopping and more time with your child!

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βΈ» Testimonials βΈ»

See what our families who have used the Wondergarten Curriculum are saying!


  • Alexia Delarosa


    This is our first year of homeschooling and we were so excited to try out the Wondergarten curriculum. So far, it has beyond exceeded our expectations. The lessons are thoughtful, creative, and easy to follow. Nathaniel and Lisa have gone above and beyond to create something truly special that makes learning at home a pleasure for everyone involved.

  • Bahar Shakor


    I am so blessed to have come across the Wondergarten community! Lisa has answered so many of my questions and has taken on the role of a mentor for me through this journey. I have gained so much knowledge and confidence in teaching and taking on the path of a home program because of the Wondergarten community.

  • Mary Lim


    The Wondergarten curriculum has been like a warm hug for our entire family, wide enough to embrace the varied interests and abilities of my three children (ages 2-8). It is an immersive curriculum that nourishes the senses, filling our home with wholesome storytelling, yummy home-baked treats, and the sounds of my children singing and laughing together!

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