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Music Theory Prints

Music Theory Prints

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Hand-illustrated chalkboard art by Nathaniel Santa Cruz.

Music Theory Chalkboard: A comprehensive reference guide for musicians of all levels; perfect for homeschooling, practice rooms, classrooms, and music enthusiasts alike!

As musicians, Lisa and I struggled to find music theory diagrams that were easy to read, beautiful to look at, and comprehensive enough to be useful while learning music or playing a new piece. So I designed and illustrated this to not only aid my composition of music for the Wondergarten curriculum, but to represent each element with natural features to be easily understood, and of course — beautiful.

In this illustration, all the essential elements of music theory are represented in one stunning work of art. Including the diatonic and pentatonic scales, a complete note value chart, a color-coded grand staff with examples of common time signatures, scale degree names, and the circle of fifths with corresponding key signatures.

Print Options:

Choose between Poster, Fine Art, or Framed prints!

Our poster prints are beloved by customers worldwide and make a stunning addition to any classroom. The affordability of these prints adds to their appeal.

Fine Art prints are printed on premium archival-quality paper, Hahnemühle Photo Rag. Experience the unparalleled luxury of our white cotton art paper, complete with a custom inkjet coating designed specifically for fine art printing. The delicately textured felt and velvety touch add a captivating depth and a stunning three-dimensional effect to every print. Each print is adorned with a raised emblem of the artist's signature mark.

This beautiful piece of artwork can also be printed on the premium archival-quality paper and then hand framed in a gorgeous natural wood (or black) frame, ready for displaying!


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